Susan, Lincoln

Dear Clarisse,

I felt that I had to write and thank you for the most amazing Reiki session that you gave me. 

As I told you I have Multiple Sclerosis, hypertension, pandromic rheumatism and a prolonged back injury. Over the years I have tried conventional treatment and numerous holistic therapies including Reiki.

I have to admit that my experiences with the holistic approach I have viewed with scepticism,  but have remained hopeful that one day I may stumble upon something that works for, not only my body but my tired mind. 

My experience with you was unlike anything I have ever come across before. You were extremely honest and explained immediately that you were a student and had not yet completed your training. I thank you for that but you would never tell and hooray for when you have finished because you will be incredible. You were professional but comforting and put me at ease from the outset.

The surroundings were very calming. However, when you started and placed your hands on my head the heat was instantaneous and although I didn’t understand what was happening, I intuitively knew it was healing and positive. This only heightened as you continued down my body. I was left with a general feeling of well being and I had the best nights sleep that I’ve had in years and feel so much more energised. I look forward to my next session with you and I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely be recommending you to family and friends.

With my grateful thanks.


Julie, Battersea

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Reiki session, you truly have magic hands. 

You created a calming and peaceful atmosphere and the energy was tangible.

When the session started and I had closed my eyes it wasn't long until I could see the energy dancing in waves through my minds eye.  As the session progressed and I relaxed further I couldn't feel your hands leave me until the next area of my body was touched it was like the energy continued to flow, I have not experienced anything like it before.

At the end of the session I felt renewed and at peace I cannot wait for my next session it’s a truly healing experience.


Leon, Clapham

Dearest Clarisse, 

Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you have come into my life, almost by chance – introduced by a wonderful mutual friend. As soon as you enter the room, your presence lights up a room. 

You have a unique sense of calmness surrounding you, a very positive aura.  You were blessed with a gift that many hope to have in their life, the gift of healing. 

The treatment was a true spiritual, healing experience; it felt like a life changing, saving grace, to my weak, damaged body. I felt that as you were moving the energy, you were cleansing my body from any obstacles. 


I am eternally grateful for your help Clarisse. Meeting you was like a breath of fresh air, and many more more visits to come from me, 

Thank you lovely,